01Jun 2018

A Co-Working Innovation and More News From Israel!

The Weekly News Has Moved to Friday! We want to wish all our readers here and followers on Facebook as well, a beautiful weekend and quality time spent with family and loved ones.  The picture above is from Co-Working Company Selina at their Playa Veano location in Panama. The Israeli startup is making waves in […]

The Innoviz Technologies team made up of 150 employees. Courtesy.
28May 2018

Innovation Should Be Added to Israel’s Name!

We never tire of bringing you these updates about the wonderful innovations coming out of Israel and what they mean for the world. This time we are going futuristic and highlighting an Israeli company that has joined the progress towards auto-driven or self-driving cars with a very cool innovation.  The technology called LiDar, or Light […]

11Oct 2017

From Sofia to Jaffa

Cover Photo Credit: Vogue/ Ashraf Tariq The Enriching Saga of the Bulgarian Community in Israel  Walking through the streets of the ancient port of Jaffa, one can be excused for thinking one had entered a picturesque portal into the Balkans. Gyuvetch and  Bourekas are just two examples of classic Bulgarian food available at the many […]

Shuk Mahne Yehuda - Jerusalem
19Sep 2017

Jiving in Jerusalem

No visit to Israel’s capital is complete without visiting its magical marketplace – Machane Yehuda. From shopping to enjoying authentic Israeli cuisine, this iconic market invites you to discover a microcosm of the ‘REAL’ Jerusalem. While there are several internationally recognized places of interest in Jerusalem whose names are synonymous with the city – the […]