International Factors

11Oct 2017

From Sofia to Jaffa

Cover Photo Credit: Vogue/ Ashraf Tariq The Enriching Saga of the Bulgarian Community in Israel  Walking through the streets of the ancient port of Jaffa, one can be excused for thinking one had entered a picturesque portal into the Balkans. Gyuvetch and  Bourekas are just two examples of classic Bulgarian food available at the many […]

Shuk Mahne Yehuda - Jerusalem
19Sep 2017

Jiving in Jerusalem

No visit to Israel’s capital is complete without visiting its magical marketplace – Machane Yehuda. From shopping to enjoying authentic Israeli cuisine, this iconic market invites you to discover a microcosm of the ‘REAL’ Jerusalem. While there are several internationally recognized places of interest in Jerusalem whose names are synonymous with the city – the […]