25Sep 2019

Daniel The Musical – Jerusalem Theatre 10-22 October 2019

by: Julita Kok The book of Daniel is a captivating story told to children the world over. Daniel and his friends are abducted by King Nebu and will face many challenges in Babylon where their faith in the God of Israel is tested beyond human limits. Will they overcome fear and remain true? We are […]

26Sep 2018

The Mekudeshet Festival 2018~Diversity in Music and Art

Mekudeshet by: Daniel Kobrinski As a city that is central to the world’s three great Abrahamic faiths, at the epicentre of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, has known conflict on and off for thousands of years, and is divided between East and West; it’s easy to forget that Jerusalem is a living, breathing city, with modern urban […]

19Apr 2018

Happy Independence Day and Shabbat Shalom!

Today is Israel’s 70th birthday and the day they commemorate their Independence as a nation. All across Israel, there are families and friends gathered together in backyards, at the beach and at parks having their own Braii celebrating Independence Day! (The above picture is credited to : Hadas Parush/Flash 90) We found a unique recipe that […]

05Apr 2018

Last Day of Passover and All that Matzah!

Tonight is the last evening of Passover and by tomorrow, Friday evening, Passover will be complete for another year. It seems inevitable that there will be boxes of extra matzah sitting around that didn’t get eaten. So what to do with it all? Well, we can’t help you with ALL of them but may we […]

07Aug 2017

A wee dram of Milk & Honey

Israel is the land of Milk and Honey – and I am not speaking about biblical references!  It is all about the single malt whisky. Known as “the water of life”, Israel is about to join a small, elite group of countries that is licensed to distill whiskey.  Not bad for a desert dwelling country! […]

11Jul 2017

Bowled Over

By David E. Kaplan and Dr. Les Glassman With Lawn Bowls being a major sport at this year’s 2017 Maccabi Games, discover how this sport was introduced to Israel by South African immigrants. “HARD TO BEAT” was the message that resounded at the European Lawn Bowls Championships held in Israel in August 2015. Although England came out […]

03Jul 2017

The Times They Are A’Changin’

An exhibition of the iconic 2017 Nobel Laureate at Tel Aviv University For those of us who grew up in South Africa in the sixties, the music of Bob Dylan was prescient. Although Apartheid was being brutally entrenched each day by Word and Boot, the lyrics of this Jewish boy from America was giving encouragement […]

11May 2017

What’s Brewing in Israel ?

South Africans love their beer as do Israelis. While ancient Israel may well have been known as “The land of Milk and Honey”, modern Israel could well be on the way to becoming “the land of hops and barley”. Israel’s bludgeoning boutique beer industry is foaming at the brim. “Our goal”, says brewmaster David Cohen, founder of Dancing […]