25Sep 2019

Daniel The Musical – Jerusalem Theatre 10-22 October 2019

by: Julita Kok The book of Daniel is a captivating story told to children the world over. Daniel and his friends are abducted by King Nebu and will face many challenges in Babylon where their faith in the God of Israel is tested beyond human limits. Will they overcome fear and remain true? We are […]

26Sep 2018

The Mekudeshet Festival 2018~Diversity in Music and Art

Mekudeshet by: Daniel Kobrinski As a city that is central to the world’s three great Abrahamic faiths, at the epicentre of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, has known conflict on and off for thousands of years, and is divided between East and West; it’s easy to forget that Jerusalem is a living, breathing city, with modern urban […]