Tikun Olam

09Jun 2018

What Israeli Swimmers Are Doing For The Seas and Oceans

10 swimmers, 4 seas, 24 km in 24hrs. Sound incredible? Well, it really did happen just a few weeks ago in May! A team of Israeli swimmers completed the incredible feat of swimming  4 bodies of water as well as coordinating travel between the seas so they could complete their mission exactly on time. These […]

Rhinos in the Safari- Ramat Gan - Israel
29Oct 2017

From Near Extinction to Lives of Distinction!

South Africa’s “horny” immigrants get a new lease on life in Israel! South Africa’s rhinos once flourished on the country’s vast savannah. One of the “big five” that made South African safari a desirable destination for anyone wanting to experience the unique pleasure of seeing her animals in their natural habitat. Sadly, these beautiful, noble […]

30Mar 2017


To celebrate World Water Day on March 22, ISRAEL21c takes a look at 10 water innovation projects bringing clean water to communities across the world. By abigail Klein Leichman (March 20, 2017) *Courtesy of the South Africa Israel Chamber of Commerce. Sivan Yaari of Innovation: Africa at a celebration during a clean water installation at […]

12Mar 2017

Sowing the seeds of Co-operation

Ambassador Arthur Lenk is a man with a vision. Serving as Israel’s Ambassador to South Africa, he seeks to build bridges between the two countries by focusing on solutions for the common challenges they both communities face. In the few months that Ambassador Lenk has been posted in South Africa, he has been able to […]