15Apr 2019

Journey Through Israel ~ Masada – Stronghold Part 2

The Stronghold at Masada Welcome back to our virtual tour of Israel where we are picking up where we left off last week from Masada. We talked about the story of this unique place and its tragic ending. If you were not with us last time, please go back and read Part 1 so you […]

13Mar 2019

The Bedouin Experience

The Bedouin Experience Check out our IsraeLink favorite Bedouin experiences as featured in the article by Israel21C. Everyone knows that the best part of travel is the experience. What make an experience into an incredible thing are the people you meet. When it comes to a visit to one of the nomadic tribes of Israel, […]

31Jan 2019

Darom Adom Fest

  “Darom Adom” Every year thousands of Israeli families flock down to the south of Israel to see a unique sight- fields painted red with flowers! After the rainy season comes the annual bloom of these beautiful red flowers in the Northern Negev region of Israel. This festival called “Darom Adom” started back in 2007 […]

30Jan 2019

What I Ate In Israel ~Travel Blog

What I Ate in Israel (Israel Travel Guide Series Part 1) It’s finally here – My Israel Foodie Guide! These are my favourite eats that I had while in Israel! I hope you enjoy!     Shalom Wow, Israel. SHALOM! I can summarise my experience in Israel in one sentence. Israel nourished my mind, my […]

23Dec 2018

Journey Through Israel ~ A Mountain of Blessings

 Pictured above is the Franciscan Chapel on the Mount of Beatitudes in the Galilee. (photo credit: American Israel Tours) Mount of Beatitudes Today is a special virtual touring day in the Galilee. We will go only to one stop; to a place called the Mount of Beatitudes, or in Hebrew Har Osher. The literal translation […]

Park Sharon
15Oct 2017

Tackling Trash – “Modern Zionism is developing Israel in a sustainable way”

It is fascinating to read the opening paragraphs of Jon Jeter’s 2001 article on Johannesburg confronting an unprecedented environmental crisis as tons of refuse bloated landfills and clogged streets. He writes: “Come nightfall, downtown Johannesburg is overrun with garbage, coating the pavement with a greasy paste. Buffeted by the wind, empty cartons, crumpled paper, bottles, […]

Flea Market Tel Aviv
10Sep 2017

A Shuk’ing Experience – Tel Aviv’s Market Scene

No visit to Tel Aviv would be complete without visiting at least one market, or “shuk” as it is known locally. This gives visitors a chance to experience a slice of Israeli culture and to enjoy a ‘taste’ of its lifestyle. As my literati friend, Henrietta David so eloquently put it: “Reminds me of Alice […]

27Aug 2017

Stories Set in Stone – Israel’s past revealed within its fortress walls

Carpeting Europe’s verdant landscape are majestic castles alluring tourists by their magnitude, splendor and history. South African TV viewers of the 2017 Tour de France would have noticed some of these impressive castles, fortresses and splendid Chateaus along the route watching out for their cycling compatriots – Janse van Rensberg, Jaco Venter and Louis Meintjies. […]