16Sep 2018

A Day of Atonement in Jerusalem~Yom Kippur

Walking Through the Temple Today our virtual tour of Jerusalem takes us back 2,000 years to help us understand what it was like for people who went to the Temple Mount back then. Some came to bring their sacrifices, especially on Yom Kippur. Others went to pray. And still others just wanted to see what […]

08Jul 2018

Rare Coin Marking ‘Redemption of Zion’ Unearthed in Jerusalem

By: United with Israel Staff (pic: Coin celebrating the redemption of Zion -City of David Archive photo)  The Land of Israel constantly reveals hidden treasures, testifying to its rich history and the Jewish people’s deep and long-lasting ties to the land. This time, the discoveries have a seasonal significance as well. A rare bronze coin […]