22Jul 2018

Video: Detecting the World’s Most Common Bacterial Infection Easily and Comfortably

The BreathID Urea Breath Test is a fast and effective test to diagnose H pylori gastric infection in the doctor's office. It detects the presence of Helicobacter pylori bacteria, the worlds most common bacterial infection, based on the patient's breath analysis. The test is non-invasive and comfortable. Results are available in 10-15 minutes, with no lab testing, saving the medical practitioner hassle and money.

22Jul 2018

Diagnostic device for liver failure on FDA fast track

Liver failure can have cataclysmic implications By Desmond Bentley The world’s first non-invasive liver function diagnostic device can save lives and eliminate unnecessary surgery. “Most liver patients are chronic patients,” notes Steven Eitan, CEO of Israel’s Exalenz Bioscience, a small, Modi’in-based company that has developed the world’s first non-invasive diagnostic device for acute liver failure. […]

09May 2018

Creating Miracles, Helping The Blind See

(The picture above is taken from and is of the youngest blind person to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.) It was reported back in 2011 by that an Israeli start-up headed by serial inventor Yossi Gross, was in pursuit of finding a resolution for the 45 million people around the globe that are blind. In 2018, […]
06May 2018

Red Cross Serving Humanity

“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.” Proverbs 3:27  (picture above from -Red Cross workers in WW1) This week we celebrate World Red Cross Day. Heartfelt thanks to the millions of people around the world that give their time, money, resources and skills […]

27Nov 2017

A Tale of Two Plagues

“Black Death” and Anti-Semitism  By David E. Kaplan It was early August 2017 in Madagascar and the stadium should have been packed – parents with their kids – cheering their national teams as basketball players from island nations across the Indian Ocean converged in the country’s capital, Antananarivo, to face off in the Indian Ocean […]