Jewish Stories, Past and Present

09Jan 2019

A Journey Through Israel ~ Safed City of Miracles

Safed Welcome back to our virtual tour of Israel. It is a pleasure to be back with you on this beautiful, but very cold, winter day in the north of Israel. Today we will travel up to the highest (in elevation) city in the northern Galilee, called Safed. According to the Book of Judges, the […]

24May 2018

The Bukhari Jews Wish You Shabbat Shalom

Israel is home to some 120,000 Bukhari Jews who emigrated there after the Soviet Union fell apart in the early 1990’s. Prior to this they were a Persian speaking Jewish people who lived for centuries in relative isolation from other Jewish groups. The beautiful picture above shows Bukhari Dancers performing at a celebration at the Ohr […]

Libyan Jewish quarter. photo courtesy of JIMENA
15Mar 2018

Remembering the Refugees: Libyan Jews

There are many different refugee groups that make up the fabric of Israel today. Libyan Jews have a rich history that is in danger of being forgotten. The presence of Judaism in Libya goes back to 300 BCE, almost a millennium before Muhammad founded Islam. Until the 1940’s, Judaism was a strong force in society, but within as little […]

06Dec 2017

On The Streets Of Jerusalem

As the world today spitefully refuses to recognize a Jewish connection to its capital, one South African recalls that same hateful expression 34 years ago as body parts were strewn across a street in Jerusalem. Living today in Cape Town, Soprano, Futurist and Mystic, Belinda Silbert (Metlitzky) is a household name in South Africa, having […]

03Dec 2017

Beginning of Days

Battle of Megiddo – A Proud 100 Year South Africa-Israel Link By Peter Bailey Rising out of the pastoral Jezreel Valley is a hill containing the remains of a city whose foundations go back several millennia. On a modern map, it is called Tel Megiddo. A “tel” is a geographic feature – a hill rising […]

30Nov 2017

Hamas, Lies and the Mail & Guardian

By Howard Feldman So here is a question: Should the Mail & Guardian be asking any questions about their columnists? Should they be concerned as to whom they provide a platform to and what hate they are allowing being published to follow an agenda? Whatever that might be. And if so, what, if anything should […]

28Nov 2017

Doing The Diplo-Tango

South Africa and Israel’s Tenuous Ties By Rolene Marks Diplomatic relations between Israel and South Africa have always been a bit tenuous.  It is a story of shaky alliances, distrust in parts, and a lot of speculation. It is a relationship that certainly garners its fair share of column inches and discussion. The relationship between […]

27Nov 2017

Sunset to Sunrise

By Dave Bloom: During my recent visit to Harare in April this year, I witnessed the shocking regression in all spheres of life in Zimbabwe, and the government under Robert Mugabe appeared well entrenched and not about to go anywhere. At the venerable age of 93, Mugabe had declared that he was planning to run […]

22Nov 2017

Refusing to ‘Cave’ In

“Good on ya Nick!” No matter the opposing odds and tough terrain, Aussies charge ahead. They did it a 100 years ago in Beersheba in helping to boot the Ottoman Turks out of Palestine and they did it again – this time on a Saturday November night on stage in Tel Aviv Israel – by […]

Safari Ramat Gan - Israel
18Nov 2017

Israelis Noah How To Do It!

In the Book of Genesis, Noah was called on by God to save the animals of the world; It may be modern day Israelis who will again be called upon to perform that same task. Albert Einstein, once said, “Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all […]

11Oct 2017

From Sofia to Jaffa

Cover Photo Credit: Vogue/ Ashraf Tariq The Enriching Saga of the Bulgarian Community in Israel  Walking through the streets of the ancient port of Jaffa, one can be excused for thinking one had entered a picturesque portal into the Balkans. Gyuvetch and  Bourekas are just two examples of classic Bulgarian food available at the many […]