05Aug 2018

Limmud Hoodwinks!

Limmud SA as a Jewish learning portal open to all Jews, no matter their affiliation has made a serious misstep. Choosing to be politically correct over morally correct and allowing their speakers to promote the destruction of Israel has shown their true colors. And it is ugly.

01Aug 2018

Limmud, Learn your Audience

Limmud South Africa counts itself as a proud Jewish educator and community leader, yet they deliberately entertain anti-Israel activists and schedule them to "educate" their attendees.

15Jun 2018

The BDS SA Movement’s Not-So Peaceful Partners

(Above pic: PFLP terrorists. credit Getty Images) The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) has been, from its inception, an effective political policy and strategic tool. Born in Durban through the fog of the Second Intifada, BDS has grown into a global movement. The benefits of the BDS narrative to its adherents is the ability to […]

Women – such as these at the University of Pretoria – took the lead in the #FeesMustFall protests, which happened shortly after the Hiddingh Campus protest that spoke out against harassment at the hands of men within the movement. PHOTO: HERMAN VERWEY
02Jun 2018

Rights Abuse by Rights Activists, the Hypocrisy of it All

Equal Education (EE) promotes itself as a movement of South Africans committed to the quality and equality of education. It focuses on youth activism and purports to engage in meaningful campaigns to achieve their goals. This sounds great, but the organization has proven to be corrupted from within. In the past month, EE co-founder Doron […]

07Apr 2018

The Vilification of Israel and South Africa’s Role

Israel is repeatedly and viciously vilified to the international community on a regular basis. But today, we are witness to a new kind of strategy. Through the use of large scale media campaigns and modern social media tools, anti-Israel entities today are engaged in revisionist history, attempting to quite literally alter historical facts.

09Mar 2018

The Truth about BDS SA Financing

How is BDS SA raising and spending their money? Legitimate questions, with no answers. This article exposes the truth behind BDS SA financing, and confirms all the suspicions about their motives, tactics and integrity.

18Dec 2017

Hamas at ANC 54 Conference

Picture above: Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal speaks to South African president Jacob Zuma ahead of a media briefing at the headquarters of South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) in Johannesburg. Siphiwe Sibeko / Reuters By Uriel ben Avraham During apartheid South Africa, boycotts were called against the country. The point of the boycotts was to […]

05Dec 2017

Bullying in Granddaddy’s Name?

Shame on you, Mandla Mandela! Written by: By David E. Kaplan “Israel is 1/59th the size of our beloved South Africa. Why do we not pick on our own size? South Africa has become a bullying country. Mandela, we miss you madly.” This quote came from a resident in Johannesburg and appeared earlier this week as […]