Apartheid Era

10Jun 2018

Youth Day: Courage under Fire and What it Teaches Us

This coming week leading up to Youth Day, all of South Africa will remember 16 June 1976: The day that thousands of young school students in Soweto took to the streets in protest of a new law established by the apartheid government making Afrikaans and English the compulsory languages for instruction in schools. They were […]

30Mar 2017

Days of Rain – Goodbye ‘Madiba’

Throughout the days of Mandela’s passing in December 2013, it rained incessantly. So too in Israel!  During the memorial service at the residence of South Africa’s Ambassador, Sisa Ngombane in Tel Aviv  the heavens opened. It was said in tributes that as rain brings “life, rejuvenation and hope,” so too “has Mandela’s life on earth […]

29Mar 2017

Coming out from the Cold

If you chance to stroll along the stone paths of the wooded Beit Berel Campus outside of Kfar Saba in central Israel, you may be surprised to overhear conversations in Xhosa, Tswana, Zulu or Afrikaans. Participants of every shade of colour from South Africa’s “Rainbow Nation” are currently attending a unique ‘Community Development & Leadership Training’ […]