South Africans in Israel

03Dec 2017

Beginning of Days

Battle of Megiddo – A Proud 100 Year South Africa-Israel Link By Peter Bailey Rising out of the pastoral Jezreel Valley is a hill containing the remains of a city whose foundations go back several millennia. On a modern map, it is called Tel Megiddo. A “tel” is a geographic feature – a hill rising […]

28Nov 2017

Doing The Diplo-Tango

South Africa and Israel’s Tenuous Ties By Rolene Marks Diplomatic relations between Israel and South Africa have always been a bit tenuous.  It is a story of shaky alliances, distrust in parts, and a lot of speculation. It is a relationship that certainly garners its fair share of column inches and discussion. The relationship between […]

27Nov 2017

Sunset to Sunrise

By Dave Bloom: During my recent visit to Harare in April this year, I witnessed the shocking regression in all spheres of life in Zimbabwe, and the government under Robert Mugabe appeared well entrenched and not about to go anywhere. At the venerable age of 93, Mugabe had declared that he was planning to run […]

26Nov 2017

Telling The Way I See it

#YallaYebo Creating SA-Israel dialogue through images By Benji Shulman There is no doubt that the world needs more dialogue these days – people need to talk across geography, religion, culture, race, nationality, gender and creed.  Just because dialogue is needed, doesn’t mean that it must take place in a traditional talking format.  With the advent […]

Jewish Ethiopean Jewlellery
29Sep 2017

Hidden Gems

*Beverley Price chatted to Israelink Revealing the artistic talents of African Jewry through the journey of a South African jeweller  Jews and Africa have a long history. Preceding the Jewish migration of the 19th century from Europe to South Africa, which many people are familiar with, there were Jews settled in Africa going back thousands […]

13Aug 2017

On the Surface

South African Architects Changing the Face of Israel The passing in July 2017 of Gilbert Herbert, Professor Emeritus and former Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at Haifa’s prestigious Technion, brought home the contribution of South Africans to transforming Israel’s architectural landscape. In 1997, I interviewed  Prof. Herbert following a ceremony at the […]

Beck Tech
08Aug 2017


by Prof. Hary Brand   Gilbert Herbert was born in Johannesburg on 22 June 1924, the third son of Benjamin and Sophia Herbert.  Educated at Parktown Boys High School, he matriculated with distinction in English, Science, Mathematics and Art. He studied Architecture at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg from 1942-46, being a frequent prize-winner […]

11Jul 2017

Bowled Over

By David E. Kaplan and Dr. Les Glassman With Lawn Bowls being a major sport at this year’s 2017 Maccabi Games, discover how this sport was introduced to Israel by South African immigrants. “HARD TO BEAT” was the message that resounded at the European Lawn Bowls Championships held in Israel in August 2015. Although England came out […]

26Apr 2017

A Leading Light

Over four decades later, his legacy lives on There are few Southern African Jews that have not heard of Chief Rabbi Israel Abrahams – even if they were not from Cape Town. So, it was not surprising that members of the SA community in Israel congregated  one night in 2014 to honour his memory on […]

25Apr 2017

Take a Hike

South Africans love hiking. How could they not with some of the best trails in the world. Ask any who have done The Otter Trail along the Garden Route, the Pipe Track around Table Mountain, the hike up Champagne or Giant’s Castle in Natal, the Wild Coast the …well, its endless! Israel, unlike South Africa […]