The Battle of Hattin
28Dec 2017

Back to the Middle Ages

Reenactment of the 1187 Battle of Hattin Nations are constantly put through tests and challenges. They can be as small and unaffecting, or they can be enormous causing physical and emotional injuries on a nation’s citizens. Such can be the case with wars that could either end as a footnote in history or leave lasting […]

Park Sharon
15Oct 2017

Tackling Trash – “Modern Zionism is developing Israel in a sustainable way”

It is fascinating to read the opening paragraphs of Jon Jeter’s 2001 article on Johannesburg confronting an unprecedented environmental crisis as tons of refuse bloated landfills and clogged streets. He writes: “Come nightfall, downtown Johannesburg is overrun with garbage, coating the pavement with a greasy paste. Buffeted by the wind, empty cartons, crumpled paper, bottles, […]

Shuk Mahne Yehuda - Jerusalem
19Sep 2017

Jiving in Jerusalem

No visit to Israel’s capital is complete without visiting its magical marketplace – Machane Yehuda. From shopping to enjoying authentic Israeli cuisine, this iconic market invites you to discover a microcosm of the ‘REAL’ Jerusalem. While there are several internationally recognized places of interest in Jerusalem whose names are synonymous with the city – the […]

Flea Market Tel Aviv
10Sep 2017

A Shuk’ing Experience – Tel Aviv’s Market Scene

No visit to Tel Aviv would be complete without visiting at least one market, or “shuk” as it is known locally. This gives visitors a chance to experience a slice of Israeli culture and to enjoy a ‘taste’ of its lifestyle. As my literati friend, Henrietta David so eloquently put it: “Reminds me of Alice […]

27Aug 2017

Stories Set in Stone – Israel’s past revealed within its fortress walls

Carpeting Europe’s verdant landscape are majestic castles alluring tourists by their magnitude, splendor and history. South African TV viewers of the 2017 Tour de France would have noticed some of these impressive castles, fortresses and splendid Chateaus along the route watching out for their cycling compatriots – Janse van Rensberg, Jaco Venter and Louis Meintjies. […]

17Aug 2017

“This Little ‘Star’ Went to Market”

By Sasha Star Some people cross crocodile-infested waters… Others partake in violent protests where rocks are thrown and tyres are burnt… Wonder Woman sprinted across a war zone with bullets firing on either side. I braved Jerusalem’s famed shuk (market) Machane Yehuda… on a Friday. There is a special energy that envelopes the market Erev […]

09Jul 2017

Hot Spot

From the lowest spot in the world to the high point of your holiday in Israel, the Dead Sea offers an oasis of beauty, relaxation, tranquility and excitement. The drive down to the Dead Sea whether from Jerusalem or Arad never fails to fascinate as you pass one sign after another marking the rapid descent. […]

HaTachana Tel-Aviv
25Jun 2017

All Aboard

Tel Aviv’s original train station, known as ‘HaTachana’, is a place for shopping, eating, drinking beer – lots of it – and mixing with locals and tourists. It is no more a place to catch a train but to catch a ride to a “destination” of fun.   South Africans know all about trains. It […]

04Jun 2017

A Cultural Gem – Jerusalem’s German Colony

Established during the ninetieth century by German Templers, the German Colony – in Hebrew, HaMoshava HaGermanit or simply HaMoshava – is an illuminating gem in the nation’s capital. Replete with picturesque old refurbished homes nestled in leafy lanes, old historical buildings, and a main street lined with trendy shops, restaurants and cafés, it is well […]

01Jun 2017

Look who is flocking to Israel

A paradise for birds, Israel’s fields, cliffs, rivers, ravines, gorges and desert plains welcome more foreign visitors than Ben Gurion Airport.  It is little wonder that the country is also a paradise for those who want to check out these ‘birds’. Clearly birds have a splendid time in Israel if one goes by the number […]