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The Weekly News Has Moved to Friday! We want to wish all our readers here and followers on Facebook as well, a beautiful weekend and quality time spent with family and loved ones.  The picture above is from Co-Working Company Selina at their Playa Veano location in Panama. The Israeli startup is making waves in the digital nomad community and we are ready to pack our bags!

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Israel to Invest in Palestinian Areas in East Jerusalem

View of the Jabel Mukaber neighborhood in eastern Yerushalayim. (Mendy Hechtman/Flash90)

View of the Jabel Mukaber neighborhood in eastern Yerushalayim. (Mendy Hechtman/Flash90)

The Israeli government has unveiled what it billed as a groundbreaking program to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in long-neglected Palestinian neighborhoods of east Jerusalem.

The “Leading Change” program aims to reduce the social gaps between the Palestinian neighborhoods and the overwhelmingly Jewish western part of the city. Nearly 80 percent of the city’s Palestinian families live in poverty. The program will invest $560 million in three core areas: education, infrastructure and helping Palestinian women enter the work force. The goal being to attract further investment and continue to revitalize more areas of the city.

Blue Whale Seen in Gulf of Eilat

Blue whale off Eilat. Photo: Israel Nature and Parks Authority

Blue whale off the coast of Eilat. Photo: Israel Nature and Parks Authority

A blue whale estimated to be 45 to 60 feet long was seen in the Gulf of Eilat on Tuesday, the first time the giant marine creature has been positively identified in Israeli coastal waters. The beautiful  creature was photographed from shore and by Israeli marine biologists working in the area from above and from below the water line. It’s possible a blue whale may have previously visited Israel’s shores, however, this was the first documented sighting.

“This is the furthest north that it has ever reached,” Oz Goffman, director of the Israel Marine Mammal Research and Assistance Center, told Haaretz. “In the past, it has been seen near the entrance to the Red Sea.”

The whale was estimated to be about 65 feet long but it is supposed that it is not full grown yet. It was not seen on Wednesday so the thought is that it moved further south for feeding. But fishermen and locals as well as tourists are keeping a weather eye out for any more exciting sightings. Click on the link in the title above to see a video of the blue whale as captured by a marine biologist. 


Self-repairing health wearables powered by body heat

Prof. Hossam Haick at the Technion. Photo by Yoav Bahar

Prof. Hossam Haick at the Technion. Photo by Yoav Bahar

The NaNose Arab-Israeli inventor is back with a stunning new innovation! Prof, Hossam Haick and a team of Israeli scientists have developed an integrated system of wearable monitors that passively detect and transmit vital signs as early markers for disease. Such wearables aren’t unique, but this system is unprecedented because it’s powered by energy from the wearer’s movements and body heat, and can fix its own tears or scratches.

The wearable system could spare patients pain, greatly reduce medical expenses, and provide extensive and detailed information for epidemiological studies. “Normal health is characterized by known markers such as 60 to 100 heartbeats per minute and seven to eight breaths per minute. If we detect dramatic changes in the various markers in real time, we can refer the patient to a more comprehensive diagnosis and prevent disease from developing or worsening,” said Prof. Hossam Haick and postdoctoral researcher Weiwei Wu, who invented the system at the Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa.

Made of advanced self-healing materials, the Technion wearable monitoring system would never need to be turned off for repair or charging.

What will the innovative mind of Israel come up with next?


US Aerospace Giant Lockheed Martin To Open Science-Focused Preschool In Jerusalem

An illustrative photo of children in a classroom. Credit Lexie Flickinger via Flickr

An illustrative photo of children in a classroom. Credit Lexie Flickinger via Flickr

US Aerospace company Lockheed Martin, is opening a science- and tech-focused preschool in Jerusalem, the Jerusalem municipality announced last week.

Lockheed Martin already has a network of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) schools called MadaKids (Mada in Hebrew means science), with locations in the southern Israeli cities of Beersheba and Kiryat Malachi. The initiative is three years old in Israel and is right on schedule for opening in Jerusalem this September for the 2018-2019 school year.

The preschool in Jerusalem will be located in the southwest neighborhood of Kiryat Menachem and will be run in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage, and the Jerusalem Municipality.

Lockheed Martin runs a number of educational programs in several countries across the world but this particular initiative is unique to Israel.

Advancing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education is a critical focus for Lockheed Martin,” the company says on its website, adding in a section on activities in Israel that “the future growth of Israel’s economy will require a constant supply of highly-trained, highly-capable technical talent and Lockheed Martin is proud of the collaboration with Israel’s Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology and the Rashi Foundation to promote STEM-related programs.”


The Israeli Dream: Hospitality Startup Selina Redefines Work and Play For Digital Nomads

A Selina destination in Antigua. Courtesy

A Selina destination in Antigua. Courtesy

It sounds like the Israeli entrepreneur’s ultimate dream. Two young, post-army Israelis meet while traveling and surfing in Central America, strike up a friendship, identify an opportunity, and launch a startup. That startup then becomes a company landing multi-million dollar investments and inaugurating multiple locations across the world.

This is the history-in-brief of Selina, the emerging co-working and traveling hospitality service founded by Daniel Rudasevski and Rafael Museri in 2012. Last month, the company raised $95 million in a funding round led by the Dubai investment firm Abraaj Group, with the participation of fellow Israeli Adam Neumann, the co-founder and CEO of coworking space giant WeWork.

But don’t mistake it for a typical hotel chain with great office space, because it is so much more than that. The experience is centered around some key elements, namely Nomad, which includes unique accommodations, coworking and communal spaces like wellness centers and cinemas; Explore, an inter-property travel concierge and tour operator that connects guests with the best experiences in each location; and Playground, each location’s unique on-site programming from food and beverage concepts, concerts and art shows to workshops and conferences. (silena.com)

We’ve already put in our request to work remotely for a time! See you in Panama!