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10Jun 2018

Youth Day: Courage under Fire and What it Teaches Us

This coming week leading up to Youth Day, all of South Africa will remember 16 June 1976: The day that thousands of young school students in Soweto took to the streets in protest of a new law established by the apartheid government making Afrikaans and English the compulsory languages for instruction in schools. They were […]

23Mar 2018

World Happiness, South Africa, Israel and the Link Between Us

The news is out, we aren’t the happiest people South Africa. We know it’s a surprise (we write this sarcastically) but no one could blame us. We have a lot to be upset over. Corruption in the government, racial prejudices, the huge gap between the rich and the poor, the poor management of our natural […]

05Dec 2017

Bullying in Granddaddy’s Name?

Shame on you, Mandla Mandela! Written by: By David E. Kaplan “Israel is 1/59th the size of our beloved South Africa. Why do we not pick on our own size? South Africa has become a bullying country. Mandela, we miss you madly.” This quote came from a resident in Johannesburg and appeared earlier this week as […]

27Nov 2017

Sunset to Sunrise

By Dave Bloom: During my recent visit to Harare in April this year, I witnessed the shocking regression in all spheres of life in Zimbabwe, and the government under Robert Mugabe appeared well entrenched and not about to go anywhere. At the venerable age of 93, Mugabe had declared that he was planning to run […]

Wits University Johanneburg
18Sep 2017

Anti-Semitism and the African landscape

The history of the Jewish people and that of many African countries is more similar than it is different. There are some striking parallels – tribal allegiances, love of the indigenous land and a shared history of persecution and colonialism. In the fledgling days before the founding of the modern State of Israel, Jews fought […]

Mutual Talk
09Sep 2017

The Why and The What of Anti-Semitism

by Peter Bailey Any attempt to define antiSemitism must fail. The phrase itself derives from the German word Judenhass, translated to English means Jew Hatred, while the term anti-Semitism was introduced as a quasi scientific explanation of the dislike of Jews in 1879. And has stuck since that time. There are a number of truisms […]

27Aug 2017

Making Mountains out of Molehills

Israel’s paltry trade with South Africa during Apartheid era Israel’s detractors love to compare the Jewish state to Apartheid South Africa. This is not a comparison based on facts but rather part of a greater campaign to paint Israel as a pariah state and deal out the same sort of isolation through boycotts and sanctions […]

Olaus Magnus - On the Names of the Winds and Their Effects.
20Jun 2017

In Search of A Name

by Howard Feldman Anytime now. Maybe even as soon as Wednesday, but Thursday at the very latest, I intend to start a new organization. It won’t be Friday, because I have a lot to do and I am sure it will take up most of the morning (at the least). I have yet to decide […]

15May 2017

Barghouti is no Mandela – Stealing Apartheid Icons

One of the questions I am frequently asked in lectures or interviews is where is the Palestinian and Israeli De Klerk and Mandela when it comes to ending the nearly 70-year conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Where is that equivalent of brave leaders willing to make the tough sacrifices to forge peace under circumstances that finds […]

30Apr 2017

A Tale of two Narratives

A recent reread of Charles Dickens’ enduring opening in his immortal classic ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ – “It was the best of times it was the worst of times” made me think about growing up during those “worst of times” in South Africa. Now living in Israel – a country that is fiendishly and […]

19Apr 2017


*Harris Zvi Green   Repeat a lie often enough and it will be believed. This tactic has always been a key ingredient of the propaganda strategies created by totalitarian regimes to justify their ideologies. Success of this technique is achieved by confining the argument to a few key issues and then repeating them over and […]

09Apr 2017

Don’t pass the Buck on Israel

Name-calling Israel an Apartheid state has nothing to do with truth and everything to do with trying to destroy Israel by other means. It’s not working! If the enemies of Israel were parties in a traditional duel and asked “Choose your weapon”, no prize what they would choose. It would be the lie that “Israel is an […]

05Apr 2017

Comparing Jaffa Oranges with Cape Naartjies!

By Peter Bailey Observers are quick to compare the current situation in Israel with that in South Africa prior to the first democratic elections in 1994. The facts show that nothing could be further from the truth. The parties to the conflict in South Africa desired peace; the parties to one side of the conflict […]