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15Apr 2019

Journey Through Israel ~ Masada – Stronghold Part 2

The Stronghold at Masada Welcome back to our virtual tour of Israel where we are picking up where we left off last week from Masada. We talked about the story of this unique place and its tragic ending. If you were not with us last time, please go back and read Part 1 so you […]

31Jan 2019

Darom Adom Fest

  “Darom Adom” Every year thousands of Israeli families flock down to the south of Israel to see a unique sight- fields painted red with flowers! After the rainy season comes the annual bloom of these beautiful red flowers in the Northern Negev region of Israel. This festival called “Darom Adom” started back in 2007 […]

30Jan 2019

Top News for January 2019

Israel Aids Indonesia Diplomacy aside- humans come first! Israelis came to the aid of Indonesia by way of health services, supplies, and clean water after their series of natural disasters spanning from the summer. The underwent a volcano eruption, numerous tragic earthquakes taking a heavy toll on their tourism sector, and a deadly tsunami. The groups on […]

17Jan 2019

Journey Through Israel~Dan’s Sordid Past (Part 1)

Dan’s Sordid Past (Part 1) Today, on our virtual tour of Israel, we will travel north up the “Finger of the Galilee” to one of the most beautiful spots in all of Israel; the Dan Nature Reserve. The natural beauty, the rushing stream, the scenic walking trail through the woods and into the ancient city, […]