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05Aug 2018

Limmud Hoodwinks!

Limmud SA as a Jewish learning portal open to all Jews, no matter their affiliation has made a serious misstep. Choosing to be politically correct over morally correct and allowing their speakers to promote the destruction of Israel has shown their true colors. And it is ugly.

01Aug 2018

Limmud, Learn your Audience

Limmud South Africa counts itself as a proud Jewish educator and community leader, yet they deliberately entertain anti-Israel activists and schedule them to "educate" their attendees.

15Jun 2018

The BDS SA Movement’s Not-So Peaceful Partners

(Above pic: PFLP terrorists. credit Getty Images) The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) has been, from its inception, an effective political policy and strategic tool. Born in Durban through the fog of the Second Intifada, BDS has grown into a global movement. The benefits of the BDS narrative to its adherents is the ability to […]

10Jun 2018

Youth Day: Courage under Fire and What it Teaches Us

This coming week leading up to Youth Day, all of South Africa will remember 16 June 1976: The day that thousands of young school students in Soweto took to the streets in protest of a new law established by the apartheid government making Afrikaans and English the compulsory languages for instruction in schools. They were […]

09Jun 2018

What Israeli Swimmers Are Doing For The Seas and Oceans

10 swimmers, 4 seas, 24 km in 24hrs. Sound incredible? Well, it really did happen just a few weeks ago in May! A team of Israeli swimmers completed the incredible feat of swimming  4 bodies of water as well as coordinating travel between the seas so they could complete their mission exactly on time. These […]

Bora Bora, French Polynesia. Pexels.com
03Jun 2018

The Depths of the Oceans, Who can know?

The beauty and health of the oceans and seas impact us far more than we may think. This magnificent view above from Bora Bora, French Polynesia is a testament to the incredible creativity of God. (pexels.com)  Let’s go back to the very beginning when they were first created and explore the origins from the Bible’s […]

Women – such as these at the University of Pretoria – took the lead in the #FeesMustFall protests, which happened shortly after the Hiddingh Campus protest that spoke out against harassment at the hands of men within the movement. PHOTO: HERMAN VERWEY
02Jun 2018

Rights Abuse by Rights Activists, the Hypocrisy of it All

Equal Education (EE) promotes itself as a movement of South Africans committed to the quality and equality of education. It focuses on youth activism and purports to engage in meaningful campaigns to achieve their goals. This sounds great, but the organization has proven to be corrupted from within. In the past month, EE co-founder Doron […]