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09Apr 2017

Don’t pass the Buck on Israel

Name-calling Israel an Apartheid state has nothing to do with truth and everything to do with trying to destroy Israel by other means. It’s not working! If the enemies of Israel were parties in a traditional duel and asked “Choose your weapon”, no prize what they would choose. It would be the lie that “Israel is an […]

29Mar 2017

Coming out from the Cold

If you chance to stroll along the stone paths of the wooded Beit Berel Campus outside of Kfar Saba in central Israel, you may be surprised to overhear conversations in Xhosa, Tswana, Zulu or Afrikaans. Participants of every shade of colour from South Africa’s “Rainbow Nation” are currently attending a unique ‘Community Development & Leadership Training’ […]

Arthur Goldriech
29Mar 2017

Warrior for an independent Israel and a free South Africa

The ‘legacy of linkage’ between South Africa and Israel is colourfully illustrated in the life of Arthur Goldreich who passed away in Israel in 2011. Goldreich’s role in the ANC underground was sensational if fleeting. Most of his life, following his dramatic escape from a downtown Johannesburg police station in 1963, was spent in Israel. […]

12Mar 2017

A Warrior with a Stethoscope

Dr. Mary Gordon never Stopped fighting So, who was the South African doctor who had left such a lasting legacy in Israel and has a unit at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon named after her? “Where and how can I best serve? Must always have prayed on the mind of Dr. Mary Gordon. She never took […]

09Mar 2017

I am a South African Jew

I am a South African Jew. I was born in a country that provided shelter to my grandparents as they fled the death of Hitler’s Europe. Where Jews were to be tolerated. But where it was better than the alternative. I was born in a country where violent summer storms punctuated my childhood and where […]